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A Black Tie Affair was established to provide a focus on awesome music and high quality customer service. We are re-writing the rules of professional DJ entertainment focused in the NY, NYC, NJ area. We want you and your guests to remember your next life celebration or private affair for years to come! 

We are devoted to your party.


Don't think of us as traditional DJ's. Consider us your personal DJ chefs who whip up a fresh batch of songs a' la carte for your special event.


Let's clear up any misconceptions you have about hiring a DJ and start with a clean plate. We don't want to bomard your guests with the same old boring songs you been hearing at every wedding. As DJs and music lovers of all types, we want deliver your event with something fresh, new, and personal to your style.


We prefer to be known as entertainment specialistsOk, what are entertainment specialists?


Well, it's simple. We extract your music styles and flavors to help design your event's music menu. This handcrafted music selection is the essence of your event's atmosphere, timeline, and personal touch. It means your wants and must-haves are included upfront. This customization of the "traditional DJ" experience is focused on you and your specific event.


So why do this? Jon, founder of A Black Tie, began to notice a dramatic change in the private event DJ industry. After 12 years, he noticed how both uncreative, unprofessional, and downright annoying big company DJ firms were becoming. We kept hearing time after time the nightmare stories of the DJ's they hired. Stories like, "how cheesy the DJ was", or "how unprofessional and sloppy the DJ was", or even worse, "how late the DJ was"! 


We knew from the get go, we had to put a stake in the ground and say:


"No, we don't want to show you how to perform a line dance from the mid 90s!"


Rest assured, A Black Tie is here to instill party-goers' trust again in "DJs".


Listen, we are not a huge conglomerate who will send you an 18 year old kid who only plays the music he likes. We are a private boutique company consisting of a few guys who have a passion for music and top notch service. That means, we are there the whole way baby. We aim to provide you the best customized DJ experience. With that said, we take pride in you, your event, and your uniqueness.


Give us a call or shoot us a text to inquire about your upcoming event!


Non-Traditional Wedding DJ NYC, NJ

jon missonellie, entertainment specialist & founder.

Jon's a stand-up guy. He prides in calling people back as quickly as possible to ensure top shelf customer service. He will help extract all those necessary and fun music ideas for your next private affair and will help organize it for you with his friendly neighbor swagger.


He grew up learning how to DJ from a young age due to his love of music and watching how people responded to it. After taking a short hiatus to finish his engineering degree, he has returned for his love of the business. Since then, he kept what he has liked, discarded what he doesn't, but hasn't stopped to evolve and keep up with the times. The time is now, which needs entertainment specialists.

"We don't DJ off a cookie-cutter list. A great DJ takes risks. We play in the moment to set either a cool vibe or keep your dance floor packed."

Jon MCing his own wedding!

Jon Missonellie - MCing at his own wedding!

sebastian monte, entertainment specialist & team audiophile.

Sebastian is a class act. This Long Island born wise-guy will make you feel you are long lost cousins. He takes pride in knowing all the details in advance to ensure your affair is a success. 


Working since the heydays of wax and vinyl, he's an old school cat with new school charm. His passion for music, audio equipment, and people trump that of your sparkle vested wedding singer. Not sure what your style is? Seb will find it. He's like an undercover music detective and with seek to make your event special. 

"One thing is for sure in this business, there are no do-overs."

Seb Monte - Rocking the holiday party!

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