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Ahhh. Smell that? It's something different brewing. These alternative selections sway from the mainstream vibe. Perfectly suited for couples with a different taste profile.

Here is a sampeling of music handpicked to get the juices flowing. 








Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better  

Pair with Ratata -  Cream on Chrome




Belle and Sebastian - The Everlasting Muse 

Pair with Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa



palate cleansers

The Decemberists - January Hymn

Pair with Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - The Big Guns



main course

Chromeo - Hot Mess

Pair with MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)



*menu item substitutions are encouraged.



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A few handpicked songs you could use at your alternative style wedding in the NJ/NYC area.

Alternative weddings for unique, non-traditional spaces and offbeat weddings brides and couples!

All Music Menu Styles use the

following ingredients


Cocktail - songs selected to be heard over food and drinks. Slightly upbeat, but not dancy. Great for mingling with friends and family. Cheers!


Aperitifs - slow songs curated for reception used to help "stimulate" which may lead to couples swaying, kissing and subtle butt grabs.Spreading the love to all your guests!


Palate Cleansers - songs selected for dinner, which are never too upbeat but never too dry. Your guests love to talk and catch-up while not being put too sleep.

Elevetor music not allowed. Volumes are tightly controlled for all to enjoy.


Main Course - curated selections to do what we came here for - party! It's a wedding, and we're celebrating so grab the bride and groom and get up on that dance floor!